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On this page you will find every Wyoming guide, lodge, and outfitter offering pronghorn antelope hunts. I made this directory (with actual links) to give you the largest source of places to hunt antelope in Wyoming. Every outfitter is different so I encourage you to take a look at each service, pick a few that interest you, and then give them a quick call or E-mail. I hope this resource helps you on your search for a quality WY pronghorn hunt.

WY Guides, Outfitters & Lodges…

***All information taken directly from outfitter’s website and subject to change. Please contact each service for the latest trip details, package rates, and other important information.

Bear Basin Outfitters | Jackson, WY | (307) 883-3186
Our Wyoming antelope hunts are 5 days or we have a special two day hunt. Whether you choose a short hunt or a longer hunt they both begin your adventure with a hearty warm breakfast before daylight, then travel to the hunt area in our late model crew-cab pickup trucks. We arrive in the hunt areas near sunrise and the fun begins. All hunts are fair chase conducted on public lands in which we are permitted to operate guiding and outfitting services on. Each antelope area that we are authorized to hunt in contains thousands of acres of BLM and State land and contains large numbers of pronghorn antelope. We also have select areas for private ranch hunts.

A Double J Outfitters | Buffalo, WY | (307) 684-7552
Pronghorn antelope hunting is conducted near watering holes and from ground blinds near feeding areas and travel areas. Our knowledgeable guides have years of personal hunting experience. We will work to give you the best possible trip and maximize your opportunity to harvest an animal. During the average hunting season, our guests fill greater than 93% of their tags. In 2006, we had 100% success on elk hunts. When you hunt with A Double J Outfitters, the owner will be involved with your entire trip.

AJ Outfitters | Casper, WY | (307) 473-1196
We are a personalized hunting service, offering guided rifle-hunting trips in Wyoming on private lands for pronghorn antelope and mule deer. We are licensed and insured. Our hunts are by 4-wheel drive vehicle and stalking on foot. We offer you quality service at reasonable prices. We have good hunting lands with plenty of game animals, and our guides are the best in the business. We have had 100% license draw rates for many years; though not guaranteed, chances are you will draw a license with us.

Antelope Outfitters | Torrington, WY | (866) 262-8257
Our Wyoming antelope hunts are truly world class in the area we hunt. The antelope pictured at the left was taken by one of the staff of ANTELOPE OUTFITTERS after all the clients were finished hunting for the year. This is a nice trophy antelope at 13 inches but is on the small end of trophy antelope we usually take each year. Each year we usually take over a dozen antelope in excess of 15 honest inches, and often over 16. Several of the antelope we take are Boone and Crocket qualifiers, scoring in the low 80s. This is impressive since severe drought has taken it’s toll on the horn growth each of the past 5 years.

Barlow Outfitting | Jackson, WY | (307) 413-0726
Barlow Outfitting offers Western Wyoming Elk, Moose, Mule Deer, Antelope and Black Bear Hunting. Barlow Outfitting takes pride in the level of unsurpassed service to our clients and the best High Country Trophy Hunts in Western Wyoming. We hunt several Moose, Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope and Black Bear units in Western Wyoming. Mobility is the key to Trophy Big Game hunting. To request a brochure, references and/or a price list, give us a call or contact us by e-mail. We look forward to the opportunity of sharing our great passion and enthusiasm of the Wyoming wilderness with you.

Bear Track Inc. | Buffalo, WY | (307) 217-0793
North Central Wyoming is one of the best areas in the state for combination deer and antelope hunts. We operate in the heart of this prime hunting habitat, in Region C. We control the hunting and harvest on several hundred thousand acres of prime private leases and have controlled the harvest on these properties for many years. You’ll have plenty of elbow room on our hunts. All of our deer and pronghorn hunts in Wyoming originate from our hunting lodge near Buffalo. Our facilities feature comfortable, individual heated bedrooms for each party of four hunters, including private baths. All meals – the best – are served right here at the lodge. The facility also boasts a warm, comfortable recreation area featuring a crackling fire, card tables and a pool table for your enjoyment.

Bright Ranch | Shawnee, WY | (307) 358-3739
Unmatched Wyoming antelope hunting on over 9,000 acres in the prairie grasslands, hills and bluffs. Located just a little over 125 miles from Cheyenne, 70 miles from Casper and 225 miles from Denver, CO. Access is almost as easy as the hunting. Contiguous blocks of land ensures the ability to hunt the property much as the family has for more than 100 years. If you are looking for private land hunting, trophy game, accommodations, guided hunts, and the opportunity to hunt land that has been carefully guarded for over 100 years, then come experience some of the best pronghorn hunting in Wyoming.

D & D Outfitters | Worland, WY | (307) 347-8742
At D&D Outfitters we hunt big antelope! Three of the four units we hunt have produced bucks over 90 inches Boone and Crockett. One of these bucks ties for the state record. Clients of ours have taken several bucks that qualify for entry into the record books. While hunting with D&D, most clients will see numerous mature bucks each day. Most of the hunting consists of driving in the pick-up and “looking over” many bucks in search of your special trophy. Your guides will know where and how to find the biggest bucks. They will also be very competent at the art of judging trophy quality. Please contact D & D Outfitters or visit the website for more info… This Window | New Window

Double Y Outfitters | Afton, WY | (208) 351-2240
The Wyoming antelope population is as good as ever and the trophy bucks are here. These hunts are conducted by 4WD or ATV and are extremely exciting. Wyoming antelope hunts can be arranged separately or can be combined with other hunts of your choice. Antelope hunts are based from Afton, Wyoming. Over the years our hunts have proven to be very productive for Antelope in the Kemmerer District of South Western Wyoming. Our areas are 93 and 100 which have produced B & C heads consistently. Antelope hunts can be combined with elk, deer or moose hunts to make a truly great all around trip.

Four Horse Outfitters | Rozet, WY | (307) 689-2865
We hunt on a 165,000-acre ranch that has been in the family since 1916. We offer both archery and rifle hunts for mule deer and antelope as well as management mule deer hunts. Our mule deer and antelope archery seasons begin September 1st and our mule deer and antelope rifle season begins October 1st. This allows us to offer combination hunts as well. All hunts are either 1 on 1 or 2 on 1. Our hunts can accommodate each person according to their physical condition. We offer a hunting lodge with full accommodations as well as all meals. You may choose to either drive or fly to our area where further arrangements can be made. We take great pride in our outfitting business and the quality of animals harvested by our hunters. Our deer and antelope hunts in Wyoming, have enjoyed a nearly 100% success rate.

Hiland Outfitters | Central WY | (304) 756-9481
Our Antelope hunts start August 15th with bow season, this is a great time to be afield in Wyoming. We mostly hunt from water holes with the use of blinds. We use portable Summit blinds along with blinds made of natural cover. This time of the year can be warm with the Antelope watering daily, this ensures many shot opportunities for the hunter. Our Antelope gun season starts the middle of September, this time of year the bucks are getting ready to start gathering the does. With the bucks moving this time of the year a hunter can spot and see 20-30 bucks a day! Please contact Hiland Outfitters or visit the website for more info… This Window | New Window

Hoback Peak Outfitters | Alpine, WY | (307) 654-5768
Hoback Peak Outfitters is now offering antelope hunts for the first time in 2010. These hunts will be on BLM land in hunt unit 89 near Big Piney, Wyoming. This hunt area is huge, with lots of opportunities to find a big buck antelope. Antelope hunts will be 3 day hunts, for only $2,000 or combo your already booked elk or deer hunt for only $1,000 more. These hunts will include lodging, meals, guides, transportation to and from Jackson and the hunting grounds near Big Piney. Antelope hunting in Wyoming is a very fun way to get out and see a lot of game without having to really bust your butt to find them. Most of the day is spent spotting from 4 wheel drive vehicles and glassing for that big buck. After stalking through desert and sage brush covered hills the shot can sometimes be a long one. Be prepared to take at least a 150 yard shot. Antelope season typically runs from Sept 10th through the end of October. Be sure to have your antelope application into the game and fish by March 15th, and apply for area 89.

Ishawooa Outfitters | (888) 801-9250
Wyoming antelope hunts are limited, so call early. We do our antelope hunts with 4 x 4 trucks to locate the antelope, then you will make your stalk by walking or hunting the many watering holes. Antelope archery hunts, muzzle loader hunts, pistol hunts or rifle hunts are possible. Wyoming antelope hunting at its best in area 53, which is done on BLM and Private ground, with almost 10,000 acres of private land to hunt.

Mule Shoe Outfitters | Pinedale, WY | (888) 803-7316
Outfitting and guiding is a passion of ours, not just a job. We will guarantee hunters that we will give a 100% effort to fulfill their hunt with a quality animal. Our antelope hunts are done mainly on private ground with large tracts of BLM surrounding them. We offer 3-day antelope hunts with all accommodations at the ranch. We have great archery opportunities, as well as rifle, to harvest a good mature 14″ plus buck. Antelope make a great combo hunt with our late-season deer or with our elk hunts. We start hunting antelope September 10th through the end of October. Lodging and meals are provided at our ranch cabins. Please contact Mule Shoe or visit the website for more info… This Window | New Window

Outfitters of the Wyoming Wilderness | Dubois, WY | (307) 455-2725
We have a 100% success rate on our antelope hunts, with our hunters either having the opportunity to take or actually harvesting a mature antelope buck. Doe tags are also available for those who want to hunt as much as possible. Antelope area 84 surrounds Dubois and is an excellent region with superb trophy potential. Part of the reason for this is the fact that it is for the most part overlooked by the rest of the state since the better known antelope areas are in the more central and eastern parts of the state.

Pronghorn Guide Service | (602) 228-3899 or (602) 828-0731
There was not much info that I could pull off their website but it looks like they are antelope hunting experts offering trips in Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Please contact Pronghorn Guide Service or visit the website for more info… This Window | New Window

Rough Country Outfitters & Guides | Glenrock, WY | (307) 436-2304
Our trophy antelope hunts take place on several large, exclusive private ranches in South Central Wyoming. These incredible “speed goats” of the prairie offer a fast paced, exciting hunting opportunity, sure to please any hunter. Rifle or bow hunter, we have the hunt for you! Our private ranch hunts are conducted on several large, working cattle ranches totaling nearly 200,000 acres. We have exclusive hunting rights to these properties for our hunting clients only! That means that our antelope are not “running wild and crazy” like the antelope you find in most heavily hunted areas. Our ranches support an amazing resident population of 1200 to 1500, un-pressured antelope, making it totally commonplace to look over many excellent, mature bucks each day. Due to our vast areas and wide variety of habitat that we control, we are able to accommodate virtually any hunter’s physical abilities and individual interests for a successful archery or rifle hunt for trophy pronghorn. Please contact Rough Country Outfitters or visit the website for more info… This Window | New Window

Seven J Outfitters | Sundance, WY | (307) 283-3443
The antelope are hunted on approximately 120,000 acres of private leases in Wyoming. Over the years, our hunters have had very good success on trophy quality antelope. Combined with the deer, this makes an excellent combination hunt. We also offer straight antelope hunts with both bow and rifle. Our success on both the bow and rifle are over 95%. Our bow hunts run from August 15 through September 30. The method we use for hunting the antelope with a bow are blinds, set up along water holes. Bow hunters have excellent chances at Pope and Young quality antelope. Besides the combination deer hunts, we also offer straight antelope rifle hunts.

Solitude Ranch & Outfitters | Devils Tower, WY | (307) 389-7336
Solitude Ranch offers a fantastic Wyoming pronghorn antelope hunt where even the novice hunter can be successful. The combination of prairie, rolling hills, and agriculture fields will allow hunters to have plenty of options to what type of cover they would prefer to do their stalking in. You’ll have the option of having a fully guided hunt, or you can just set a blind up, and wait by a waterhole, all of which are very promising methods of taking a nice antelope buck.

Strang and Son Quality Outfitters | Casper, WY | (307) 472-5808
This is no “hurry up hunt” we will take the time necessary to find a quality trophy you’ll be proud to hang in your trophy room.Our Antelope hunts run 100% success. Our hunters see hundreds of antelope a day. Your guide will help you sift through numerous bucks until you find a trophy to your liking. Our guides are experts at field judging Antelope. An art that is only mastered by judging and harvesting many animals. You can be confident that when your Antelope hunting guide says “that’s the one we’re after” you are on a trophy animal. The majority of our hunters will take animals that qualify for the S.C.I. trophy book. Please contact Strang and Son or visit the website for more info… This Window | New Window

Sweetwater Outfitters | Casper, WY | (307) 266-1424
Wyoming has the largest number of Pronghorn Antelope to be found anywhere. Three quarters of the entire worlds population of Pronghorns are located within a 125 mile radius of our headquarters. Within Wyoming are certain areas that provide the best Buck Antelope. These are the areas we hunt, giving you multiple bucks from which to choose. Whether hunting with rifle or bow you will find fast paced action and plenty of game. Excellent hunts for co-worker groups, husband-wife and father-son/daughter teams.

T Lazy T Outfitters | Jackson, WY | (307) 733-4481
T Lazy T Outfitters is dedicated to providing the Wyoming pronghorn hunting experience you will remember for years to come. With more than 25 years (average) experience, our guides know big game. Our past records have shown that women hunters are holding a high kill ratio and are always cordially invited.

Tangle Ridge Outfitters | Greybull, WY | (307) 765-9931
Antelope hunting in Wyoming is an exciting and yet highly successful experience for every hunter from the beginner to the pro. The antelope are plentiful which provides a great opportunity for most everyone to harvest an animal. Don’t let the over abundance of antelope in our state fool you into thinking this hunt is too easy. Antelope are a wily, sharp sensed, fast moving, animal which provides an exciting challenge. The 3 day rifle hunt is a town hunt. You will be responsible for your own breakfast, dinner and hotel accommodations in a nearby town. We will provide a lunch and transportation to and from the ranch each day. The spot and stalk method is highly utilized for this hunt. The archery hunts are either operated as town hunts or as bunkhouse camp hunts, depending on the hunt you choose. You will be hunting from blinds setup strategically at well used water sources of the antelope. These hunts can easily be paired as an antelope/mule deer combination.

Timberline Outfitters | Cheyenne, WY | (307) 635-7288
Timberlines forte is Antelope hunting. Considering that there are more Antelope statewide than people, Wyoming is Antelope heaven. Antelope are the fastest land animals in North America which you’ll find out once you hunt them. A very exciting hunt with lots of action. Timberline archery antelope hunts are from mid August to mid September. We have great success rates with many trophies making Pope and Young. We set up comfortable box blinds which sit over water holes where the hunter can expect shots between 10-30 yards. Our private ranches are just outside of Cheyenne so our hunters stay in town at a motel. Accommodations are taken care of as well as breakfast and lunch. Success rates are very high with around 90% of hunters harvesting bucks. We have numerous private ranches on which we hunt antelope as well as public lands. Hunter success rate on antelope has been 100% for the past three years! Opportunity has been 100% throughout Timberline History. We use the spot and stalk method and typical shot ranges are 100-300 and some out to 400+ yards, which can really test shooting skills. We have taken numerous animals over the years that have qualified for the Boone and Crocket books.

Wagonhound Outfitters | Douglas, WY | (307) 358-9828
Wagonhound Outfitters offers elite, trophy outfitted hunts for elk, whitetail and mule deer, antelope, and waterfowl in the heart of the Laramie Mountain range. Wagonhound Outfitting consists of more than 200,000 private acres of prime habitat that is home to a wide variety of wildlife. While on a hunt with us you will be with an experienced professional guide who will work to make your Wyoming hunt one that will not be surpassed by any other. Our guides have led hunters to numerous Wyoming Outfitters Outfitting and Guides Association awards over the last decade. Please contact Wagonhound Outfitters or visit the website for more info… This Window | New Window

Whitetail Creek Outfitters | Devil’s Tower, WY | (307) 467-5625
There is nothing in the world that is more exhilarating or just plain fun than crawling through the open prairie trying to get a shot at a monster antelope. We have a tremendous quality antelope population. We usually harvest several Boone and Crocket quality animals each year. Bow hunters have a real good chance at taking a young quality buck. Antelope have keen eyesight and are one of the fastest animals in the world. Even so, we do not expect anyone to take unrealistic shots. You should be comfortable shooting 250 yards with a rifle or 40 yards with a bow. Antelope packages are 3 days with meals, guides, and lodging provided. For our firearms clients, we guarantee a shooting opportunity at a 14½” antelope or the next year, you can hunt for free. Antelope hunting is a true trophy hunt for the buck of a lifetime. The antelope rut is during archery season, allowing us to get up close. Antelope makes a great starter hunt for the not-so-seasoned hunter, and a tremendous combination hunt, especially with mule deer in October.

Wyoming Country Outfitters | Pavillion, WY | (307) 856-4540
The state of Wyoming has the largest antelope population in the nation and our particular hunt area is renowned for trophy antelope. For the past several years we have had 100% success on taking nice trophy bucks. This land is rugged, big and spectacular – open as far as the eye can see. Qualified and experienced guides and horses have the flexibility to get you where the game is located. For years this area has been carefully managed for large antelope herds and trophy size bucks, since this location plays host annually to the Governor’s famous celebrity invitational “One Shot Antelope Hunt.”

Wyoming Edge Outfitters | Hulett, WY | (307) 467-5663
Our antelope hunting guides are good hunters and good people. They will do their best to help you find your way around the ranch, see some good goats and help plan your hunting strategy. Some hunters like a lot of assistance and some don’t. We will try to meet your individual desires. Our combination hunts supply a lot of variety and pretty much fill your day, if you like a lot of activity. You can hunt deer early and late and then hunt antelope and turkey during the midday. Trout fishing, varmint and prairie dog hunting can be added anytime you feel the need for more excitement.

Wyoming Wildlife Outfitters | Sheridan, WY | (307) 673-0172
Come experience an exciting pronghorn antelope hunt with Wyoming hospitality. These are three day hunts and include hotel accommodations, antelope guides, and a noon meal.


I hope this website helps you with your search for a quality Wyoming antelope hunt. Please let these businesses know you found their services on Classic Antelope Hunting…the #1 resource for pronghorn antelope hunting destinations. If you are an antelope outfitter, guide, or lodge, please contact me for listing information. It is relatively cheap and will definitely help you and your outfitting business.